Hands-On Learning

hands-on-learningMany children have issues with learning in the typical classroom setting, and this is beginning to manifest in the increasing number of children being prescribed medications to promote calmness. While some may flourish from reading text and listening to lecture, others benefit more from hands-on learning styles. This subject is gaining attention and many schools are attempting to engage students by making education more activity based.

Science and Math Engagement

The two subjects that employ the highest degree of hands-on activity in regular classroom settings are science and math. Active engagement in science can be anything from taking the class outside to look at the changing leaves while studying the reasons behind those changes to performing experiments to investigate specific chemical reactions. Active engagement in math often involves using objects or money to illustrate equations. Teachers can also engage students in learning about new concepts by using the students’ ages, birthdays, test grades, or other numerical values that students will be personally interested in.

Bridging the Engagement Gap

To implement improved learning tactics for a wider range of students, it will take collaboration on the part of parents, teachers, and educational administrators. Teachers can propose new teaching techniques and infuse them into regular class work. Parents can support these new systems by helping children with homework in similarly creative ways and taking children to fun educational engagements such as museums on weekends and holidays. Parents and teachers can also connect and submit suggestions and petitions to educational administrators in order to make hands-on education part of normal curricula.

Re-kindling the Love of Learning

For many students, hands-on teaching may help to re-kindle a love of learning. Reading about a subject can make students feel removed from the subject-making it boring to learn about. Finding a relatable ground will encourage a passion for subjects that will make learning easy and help to make lessons stick.

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