Halloween Candy Blues


The Halloween haul is in, and chances are good that your child has probably been chowing down on some seriously sugary fare for a few days now. While some candy is fine for kids, though, they can cause real problems for themselves in many ways if they continue to binge unchecked. Sugary candy can contribute to obesity issues, cause dangerous blood sugar spikes, and cause tooth problems.

Benefits of Candy Trading

Due to the oral problems that candy can cause, many dentists offer to buy children’s Halloween candy. Trading in candy for cash at the dentist’s office allows your child to profit from making the healthy choice. If you allow them to make the decision, looking into how much your local dentist is willing to fork over for the goods, you may help encourage them on a path that will help them in the future. Pushing them or forcing them to sell the candy is not the object, though, as they worked hard to get their haul. Tell them the details and let them decide.

Encourage Saving

If your child decides they want to keep their candy stash instead of selling it, all hope isn’t lost. Encourage them to ration out their candy so that they will have it for a longer period of time. Put some candy in the freezer so that it stays fresh and tasty for longer. If they are frivolous with their candy, it may be helpful to sneak some of it into a hiding spot so that they don’t have to think about not eating it.

Cut Other Sweets

While your child still has a stash of candy, it may be wise to forego the other household sweets. If you generally pick up a box of cookies or other sweets, think before you buy and wait until all the candy is gone. This may help to keep the unhealthy snacking o a minimum.


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