Get Kids Into the (Food) Spirit of the Season


Kids are influenceable little creatures, though we parents may forget that when we see their rebellious and independent sides so often. What we expose them to and what we chose to do has a much greater influence over what they will chose to do than what we try to teach them. With this in mind, try to influence your children’s diet in a positive way. Making it fun and festive will make this infinitely easier.

Visit the Farms or Orchards

Depending on where you live, you may have orchards, farms, nurseries, and farmers markets all inviting visitors and showing off their fall colors right now. The pumpkins may not be fully ready yet, but there are probably plenty of other goods, including apples, peas, squash, herbs, maybe some berries, and possibly corn. Bringing your kids to see where these things are grown and to pick some off the vine can be an exciting experience that will get you all outside, active, and closer to nature.

Visualize Meals Before They Happen

On the way home from your local orchard or farmers’ market, talk about all of the fun things that you did and all of the tasty treats that you snagged. If there are berries or apples, maybe let the kids snack on the way home. Then start to plan what you will do with all of the food. Getting the kids involved in this conversation and even appointing tasks for them to do may help to get them excited.

When the time actually comes, stick to what you talked about doing. Make the meals with them and gear them towards the fall and comfort. Show kids how to use the things that naturally grow in the area and help them get in tune with the world around them. Doing this can be an exciting and fun lesson that will help them to eat better and understand a little more about where food comes from.

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