Freeze These 3 Smoothies to Make Your Littles Smile Over Healthy Food

It is the ever constant struggle to appease little ones while getting them to eat healthy foods. Smoothies are a good way to get kids to stomach some fruits and veggies together. Freezing those smoothies is an even better way. Kids love fruit pops, and you will love them to if it means one less fight over the last spoonful of peas or just one bite of broccoli. Make these smoothies and then put them right into freeze pop molds for a tasty treat that everyone can smile about.

Green Sweet-Tart Pops

sweet-tart pop

Put equal amounts of peaches and strawberries in a blender with a handful of broccoli, a container of yogurt, a cup of orange juice, and the juice of one lemon. Blend until completely mixed and liquid. The pops will have a touch of sour with the sweetness when they are done.

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