Don’t Overlook Teaching Kids Compassion


When raising kids, it’s hard to remember everything that you wish to show them. It is easy to get wrapped up in the day to day things, like teaching them to tie their shoes, do chores, and take care of responsibilities and overlook the character traits that you are trying to instill. Teaching compassion is a vital lesson that is often overlooked. Unfortunately, compassion is not something that is natural or inherent in everyone, so it is important to teach compassion.

Lead by Example

Kids learn the most about how to act by watching how their parents and family act. Younger siblings often replicate older siblings, so it is important to make sure that older children understand and are on board with the fact that their actions are shaping their younger siblings perceptions. How you treat animals, speak to people that you don’t know, and handle problems will all shape how your children act. This may make things easier or more difficult for you when it comes to how your child acts in school and gets along with peers and family members.

Explain the Reasons behind Actions

Kids are little sponges, but they don’t always understand the complex reasons behind why you act the way you do or say certain things. Every kid has inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings, it is important to make sure you explain why the things they did or said hurt, rather than just punishing the behavior. When kids understand how their actions affect others, they may be less likely to act out. When they are punished without that understanding, they may become angry and act out even more.


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