Don’t Let Vanity Rob You of Experiences


A few weeks ago, one of my friends was telling me about how her husband will never go in the water and swim with their kids. He’s embarrassed because he has gained some weight and doesn’t want people to stare at his stomach. Another friend told me that she would never subject her granddaughter to the embarrassment of being seen with her in a swimsuit because of her “flabby arms.”

My sentiment on the subject is that the children will never remember the belly that he thinks he has or the perceived flabbiness of her arms, but they will also fail to remember the good times that they had swimming together-because they never happened. Is vanity and worry about what someone might think of you really more important than having experiences with your children?

Summertime Dilemma

Summertime seems to be the worse for these types of dilemmas, because many situations force you to bare a little more. While you can cover up when you’re out and about, wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt into the local swimming hole will certainly garner some strange looks. There are many types of swimsuits that help to cover up most problem areas now, though. You can also always decide to have fun regardless of your concerns about your body.

Get Your Priorities Straight

While some parents refuse to go into the water, other parents refuse to go swimming or to the beach with their kids altogether because they don’t want to face the possibility of having to go into the water. This can rob not just parents, but children, of valuable summertime experiences. When thinking of these types of situations, it is important to consider things from the kids’ perspective and prioritize. Even if you don’t end up going in the water, at least taking them and doing something else fun afterwards can salvage the experience and give them valuable summertime memories.

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