Don’t Depend on School to Teach the Important Things


There are many vital things that children and teenagers must learn in order to become a productive adult. Unfortunately, a good many of those things are not taught in school. School teaches kids basic academics, but schools are getting farther away from teaching kids many things outside of the academic spectrum, instead of closer. As school budgets are slashed, home economics is more likely to be cut than advanced algebra. It is important to make sure that your kids are learning the important life lessons, regardless of what the school is teaching.

Teach Home Economics Skills at Home

By a certain age, all children should be able to make simple meals, do some simple stitches to repair clothing rips, and understand how to clean just about anything in the home. While these things may have been taught in all schools in the past, many schools are cutting these types of classes from the curriculum. This means that children must learn these skills at home or enter adulthood stunted.

Talk About Finance

While school math classes teach children how to do simple equations and figure out how to make change, not all relevant financial skills are taught in all classrooms. Talking to children about finances from a young age can help them to get a better sense of how to manage their money when the time comes. While factoring in credit interest and things like that may be suitable for teenagers, even young children will understand when you say “We have $150 for groceries this week, help me figure out what we can get with that.”

Show Kids How to Make Repairs

Repairing items, from sunglasses to cars, is crucial for successful living. There will always be things that break, so teaching kids how to repair things can save a lot of money and stress. Kids may also learn valuable lessons about how to keep things from breaking.

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