Does Walking Help Bring on Labor?

images (7)When you’ve reached that certain point in your pregnancy that you are BEYOND ready for labor to get going, you’ll do just about anything within reason to facilitate that. There are a whole bunch of old wives tales when it comes to things that will supposedly help that little bundle of joy come out and greet the world, but the truth is, nature rules all. Unless you are induced for medical reasons, labor will simply happen when it happens. However, once labor does begin, it can move VERY slowly or even get a bit stalled. That’s when things like walking can help move things along.

If things are moving along a bit on their own, your cervix is starting to soften and become effaced and dilated, walking can help simply because gravity becomes your friend at that point. Gravity pulls on the baby to move down and the pressure being placed on your pelvic area by the baby when you’re upright and moving around for a sustained period of time can help you dilate faster. Also, once these things are already happening to your cervix, walking a fair distance can actually help your contractions to speed up and come more regularly. Be sure not to overdo it though, and if things with labor are moving along you should be sure to walk with someone in case you need help getting to the hospital on short notice.

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  1. Good to know! I thought it was just a wives’ tale

  2. Christy S says:

    Anything to get it going when you are overdue!

  3. Sallie Followell says:

    The fact that is not wise to walk before birth, helped me a lot, very good information

  4. it sucks when you just want to get things moving

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