Diaper Considerations for Comfort

baby-diapersEvery parent knows that baby diapers are an important part of daily life, but few look at the diaper itself as a potential cause of discontentment. Baby’s skin is hyper-sensitive, so a diaper that is too rough or of low quality may cause irritation. If the diaper is not absorbent enough, the diaper may also allow excess wetness to get on the skin, causing a rash. While it is impossible to know in advance whether a diaper will work well for a baby, as all babies are different, certain signs may alert parents to faulty or poor quality diapers.

Rough External Material

The material on the outside of the diaper is nearly as important as the material on the inside. The baby’s skin will likely touch the outside of the diaper many times and this can cause the baby to become uncomfortable and cranky. If the skin on the baby’s arms or legs begin to show signs of irritation, this may be a sign that the external material is too rough.

Poorly Absorbing Material

If a baby’s diaper leaks after the baby has wet once, the material used is not absorbent enough. Leaks can cause serious discomfort and can make for excess amounts of unnecessary laundry and cleanup, so it is important to find a diaper that is absorbent enough. A good quality diaper should be able to be used through more than one wetting without leaking. The material should also be absorbent enough to keep the baby’s skin dry.

Improperly Fitting Diaper

All babies have a different body shape, so a diaper that fits one baby perfectly may be too loose or too tight on another. Diapers should stay snug through play and rest, so that leaks do not occur. Diaper fit should be checked often, as babies grow quickly and may grow in different areas that alter the fit of the diaper.

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