Depression and Stress Can Be Harmful to Your Unborn Child

When you find out that you are pregnant you look up that long long list of what you have to avoid ingesting and doing but you are usually never told of the effects of depression. Scientific studies have shown really noticeable links between depression and adverse physical and psychological effects on your unborn child. Experts believe that high levels of hormones such as cortisol, which is produced by stress, can be harmful to the baby. Links have been made between stress and a higher incidence of miscarriage during the first trimester. Some studies have also shown that depression and stress during pregnancy has some effect on how offspring respond to stressful situations as they grow up.
As more and more studies solidify the connection, doctors are increasingly understanding the need to treat depression during pregnancy. Obviously it would be better to treat any stress and depression during this sensitive time with natural non-chemical means for example yoga and other relaxing processes. However, sometimes doctors are willing to prescribe certain anti-depressants if they feel the need outweighs any risk, which apparently with some drugs is not really that high. It is considered that the effects of severe depression can be very harmful to your child so any and all means to safeguard the baby should be explored.

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