The Cursive Controversy

cursive-controversyAs we look forward to a New Year, there are many different thoughts associated with what the future will bring. Since children are the future, it is only natural to think about what children are learning and how it will affect many aspects of society. There are many different controversies over what it and is not being taught. One of the most controversial topics at the present time is the decision made by many schools to stop teaching children how to write in cursive. Some say that this is a necessary skill, while others argue that there is no need for cursive anymore.

Argument for Discontinuing Cursive

The common core standards that are being implemented all across the country dictate that cursive should no longer be taught. This is in line with the commonly held belief that the rise of computers and other electronic communications have rendered cursive and even penmanship somewhat obsolete. While checks still need to be signed and notes written, teachers have come away from focusing on neat handwriting and cursive, as it is just not used as often as it used to be. Many teachers argue that keyboarding will be of much more use to students, so more hours are being devoted to teaching proper keyboarding skills than to teaching students to physically write with a pen or pencil and paper.

Argument for Continuing Cursive

Opponents of the change say that more areas of the human brain are engaged when children write in cursive than when a keyboard or other electronic communication is used. The motion promotes the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Opponents also argue that the next generation will no longer have the ability to read historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence. What do you think? Is cursive a necessary skill or an unnecessary carry over from history?

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