Are Chores Really Good for Kids? 3 Points to Ponder

Many parents believe that chores are an essential part of child rearing. Chores are thought to teach children responsibility and ease the stress on parents, and indeed chores can do those things. However, some parents have come forward to say that they will not be doling out chore lists to their children, that chores would not be helpful or conducive to the way their households work. The following are a few points to ponder when deciding whether or not to assign chores to your children.

Will It Add Unnecessary Stress?

stressful chores

Children generally have a lot to do between work and school. Children that also have extracurricular activities have even more to do. If chores will cut into a child’s sleep time or get pushed back again and again, adding chores to the weekly agenda may do more harm than good by stressing out your child or robbing him or her of necessary sleep.

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