Why Parenthood Is Actually Pretty Terrifying

There Is a Tiny Human to Keep Alive Most people have some idea of what parenthood is supposed to be like, but then are totally sideswiped on the actual day that the baby is born. It is hard not to hover over this breathing, tiny human that you have been charged with keeping alive. Before that time, it is impossible to understand how many threats and dangers there are out … [Read more...]

Smoking In the House and Car Is Doing These 4 things To Your Kids

Secondhand smoke has been found to be worse than “mainstream” smoke, which is the smoke inhaled and exhaled by the smoker. The particles of the carcinogens in the secondhand smoke are smaller than the particles in the mainstream smoke, so the particles are more easily absorbed by the body cells. When you choose to smoke in the home or car with your child, you are exposing them … [Read more...]

Rainy Day? These Awesome Indoor Activities Bring the Fun While Expanding Minds

Making Homemade Flubber Making flubber is a great way to show kids chemical changes and creates a substance that is wonderful for sensory experiments. All you need is Elmers’ washable white glue, liquid starch, and water to make the substance. You can add glitter and food coloring to make the flubber pretty and to infuse fun into the experiment. Mix the glue and water, … [Read more...]