3 Ways to Make Back to School Fun

Back to school time can be tough for kids. Summertime is a fun time of new adventures and back to school can feel like an end to a season of good times. If your kids are suffering from the back to school blues, the following are a few ways that you can perk them up and make back to school time fun. Get Gear That Your Kids Love Having a new backpack, new clothes, and some … [Read more...]

4 Violent Video Games to Keep Away from the Little Ones

Video games are not just for kids any more, but have basically come to approach the versatility of movies and shows, with some more appropriate for certain ages and tastes. When picking out games for your kids, be careful of selecting games that may be too violent or mature. Since video games are more immersive than movies, playing violent video games may have an impact on … [Read more...]

DIY Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Bash the Best for Less

Birthday Surprise Wall For a birthday surprise wall, tape two pieces of tri-fold poster board together to make a tall wall that stands on its own. Trace circles on the wall into a design shape, using plastic cup rims as a guide. Cut holes just a little smaller than the circle outlines. Hot glue tissue paper over the holes on the same side as the traced lines. Place small … [Read more...]