Parkrun Obesity Out of Your Town

Obesity is a problem that has been growing among not just adults but our kids, too, for three decades. Yeah, sorry to put a dampener on the festive season, but there's no time like the present to make a start and maybe even influence your gift purchasing decisions. No doubt the ascent of the digital age has influenced the outcome, as did the television for the generations … [Read more...]

Fit Kids Climbing Wall

As parents you want to give your kids the best chance in life. That includes health and fitness, good sleep and clean from bath time, but accomplishing these goals without resistance can have you climbing walls. Before that happens, taking advantage of a climbing wall in your neighborhood is a brilliant solution. Your kids will be on a climbing wall having oodles of fun and … [Read more...]

Tony Horton P90X Challenge

This is a picture before the class started that's me doing the howdy dooty wave in the blue jacket. I really enjoyed participating in this group class. It was so awesome to have Tony Horton live and in person right there. And I won a p90 workout program. Don't worry, you haven't returned to the 80s, look at your hair in a mirror and that should confirm it. ¬†Tony Horton is … [Read more...]