What To Do When Your Toddler Won’t Eat Anything You Make

The struggles of dealing with a picky eater are the bane of some parents’ existence. It is tough enough to juggle job responsibilities, household duties, child care, and meal making, but then when you finally get a chance to sit down with your little one and he or she won’t pick up their fork, it can be downright frustrating. The following are a few tips that can keep you from … [Read more...]

4 Ways Your Kid’s Health Is Jeopardized by Too Much Sugar

Fructose Alters Insulin Response Fructose causes the body to secrete more insulin than natural sugars do, which can change the way that the pancreas secretes insulin over time. Additionally, fructose doesn’t spur the same overall response that natural sugars do, such as suppressing the appetite. This abnormal response to fructose may be partially to blame for being more … [Read more...]

3 Beach-Friendly Healthy Foods to Help Your Kids Fight the After-Beach Blahs

Going to the beach can be an amazing experience for the whole family. Running on the beach, swimming, and playing games are healthy and bonding activities. Unfortunately, there comes a time in every beach trip where the tummies start to grumble. Going for fried foods at beachside stands or defaulting to a bag of potato chips are options that are often chosen that tend to lead … [Read more...]