Are Chores Really Good for Kids? 3 Points to Ponder

Many parents believe that chores are an essential part of child rearing. Chores are thought to teach children responsibility and ease the stress on parents, and indeed chores can do those things. However, some parents have come forward to say that they will not be doling out chore lists to their children, that chores would not be helpful or conducive to the way their households … [Read more...]

Why It’s Healthy for Kids to Cope with Feeling Left Out Sometimes

In everyone’s life, they will feel left out sometimes. This feeling never really feels good, but trying to shelter your kids from this feeling can allow them to turn into adults with huge fears of missing out. The way that you handle their rejection can help them to be stronger, more capable adults. Letting them work it out themselves sometimes can also give them problem … [Read more...]

Helping Your Child Learn from a Tough Teacher

Children can learn valuable lessons from all sorts of different types of people. While the warm and gentle personality type is usually the best accepted, children may benefit greatly from having a teacher that is all business or even a teacher that is a little cranky. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to brush off when your child comes home in tears or becomes anxious about … [Read more...]