Beware the Bounce House


Bounce houses are a hit at most kids parties. In recent years, bounce houses have become more accessible for birthday parties, thanks to a number of companies renting the bounce houses out in different areas. Unfortunately, with the increase in popularity of bounce houses have come an increase in bounce house dangers.

Unstable Bounce Houses

There have been a few reports of children being injured due to unstable or poorly maintained bounce houses. Some bounce houses have flown away with children inside, putting the children at great risk for injuries. Other bounce houses have collapsed or deflated while in use, putting children at risk for injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, and concussions.

Dirty Bounce Houses

When children share anything, it puts them at risk for contracting infections from one another. Bounce houses are no exception, as children bounce together in close quarters, touching the same surfaces. Over the summer, there was at least one case where a boy contracted staph infection after playing in a bounce house. The ten-year-old’s mother at first thought that the sores were friction burns from wrestling and falling in the bounce house, but soon became alarmed when the sores began to spread and worsen. A doctor identified the sores as staph infection and warned the mother about the dangers of bounce houses.

 What You Can Do

Rather than ban all bounce houses, parents can mitigate bounce house dangers by being proactive. Before allowing children to jump in a bounce house, parents may wish to take a moment to clean the bounce house with a sanitizing cleaner and check the bounce house for stability and soundness. Parents should also clean and bandage any wounds on children before allowing children to play. Having children wash up or shower after playing in a bounce house may also help to get rid of germs before they have a chance to seed.

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