3 Ways to Make Back to School Fun

Back to school time can be tough for kids. Summertime is a fun time of new adventures and back to school can feel like an end to a season of good times. If your kids are suffering from the back to school blues, the following are a few ways that you can perk them up and make back to school time fun. Get Gear That Your Kids Love Having a new backpack, new clothes, and some … [Read more...]

Are Chores Really Good for Kids? 3 Points to Ponder

Many parents believe that chores are an essential part of child rearing. Chores are thought to teach children responsibility and ease the stress on parents, and indeed chores can do those things. However, some parents have come forward to say that they will not be doling out chore lists to their children, that chores would not be helpful or conducive to the way their households … [Read more...]

Is It Just a Headache? What You Should Know About Child Migraines

Children can experience headaches just like adults and for many of the same reasons such as dehydration, hunger, and stress. However, sometimes a headache is not just a headache. Children can get migraines as early as 18 months old. Since children don’t know what’s happening, the experience can be traumatic and can affect every aspect of their lives. If your child is getting … [Read more...]