4 Violent Video Games to Keep Away from the Little Ones

Video games are not just for kids any more, but have basically come to approach the versatility of movies and shows, with some more appropriate for certain ages and tastes. When picking out games for your kids, be careful of selecting games that may be too violent or mature. Since video games are more immersive than movies, playing violent video games may have an impact on … [Read more...]

Processed Snacks That You Really Need to Avoid

Processed food has a terrible reputation as being basically the source of all dietary evil. While some of this negative attention is warranted, however, anytime you prepare food it actually moves to the category of processed food. With that said, not all processed food is harmful to your health, but some is much worse than others. Instead of trying to steer clear of any … [Read more...]

Why It’s Healthy for Kids to Cope with Feeling Left Out Sometimes

In everyone’s life, they will feel left out sometimes. This feeling never really feels good, but trying to shelter your kids from this feeling can allow them to turn into adults with huge fears of missing out. The way that you handle their rejection can help them to be stronger, more capable adults. Letting them work it out themselves sometimes can also give them problem … [Read more...]