Assign Age-Appropriate Chores

age-appropriate-choresChores can help kids to become more responsible and eventually become productive members of society. Chores can also help kids to feel accomplished and better about themselves when they do the job correctly. Additionally, chores help kids to stay away from the “I’m bored, someone entertain me” mentality that is so common.

Start Very Early

Even toddlers can be given small chores. As young as two, children can start doing small things like throwing things into the trash, putting toys into the toy box, and brushing their own teeth. By three, children can start being assigned tasks such as setting the table, helping to put dirty clothes into the hamper, and helping to dress themselves. The longer parents wait to start assigning chores, the more difficult it will be to get the child to participate willingly. Toddlers are usually eager to help, so this is a good age to start.

Post a Chore Chart

Chore charts can be very helpful, because kids are more accountable when they are clearly assigned a task that everyone can see. The gratification of being able to check off a successfully completed job can motivate children. Parents can also assign themselves chores, so that kids see that they are not the only ones being productive. Doing things in this way will help kids to see that things run more smoothly when everyone pitches in.

Clearly Explain How To Do Each Chore

Kids should be shown how to do each task, with full explanations for why and how each part gets done. After showing kids how to do each chore, parents should let them try and provide coaching and feedback. If kids are struggling with the chore, parents should give them a few minutes to try to work it out. It they become frustrated or ask for help, parents should provide guidance but not “rescue” them. This will help kids to reason things out for themselves.

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