5 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kid to Eat More Veggies

Many kids are picky by nature and it can be very tough to get a stubborn child to try foods that are foreign to them, especially if those foods are of the green variety. Letting a child go without eating veggies can cause health problems, so getting nutrients into their diet one way or another is important. Instead of fighting over every meal, try these sneaky tactics to get them to eat veggies without ever even knowing.

  1. Finely Shred Veggies to Add to Pasta Meals


Pasta meals such as lasagna and spaghetti are a few of the universally acceptable meals when it comes to picky eaters. Instead of dishing up pasta meals with nothing but cheese and sauce, sneak some goodness into the mix. Finely shred carrots and zucchini, mince onions and garlic, and add to the sauce while it is cooking.

  1. Add Mushrooms to Beef


Hamburgers and sloppy Joes may make the cut for some picky eaters. Instead of leaving kids to the un-heart-healthy fare completely, dice up some mushrooms and add it to the beef while it is cooking. The taste will be virtually indistinguishable –just make sure the texture is right.

  1. Blend Sweet Veggies Into Smoothies


Sweet veggies such as beets and carrots can be blended seamlessly into smoothies with no kid the wiser. Try to pick like-colored and flavored fruits to boost the sweetness and disguise the veggies. Carrots with oranges and pears, beets with strawberries and watermelon, you get it.

  1. Add Pumpkin or Butternut Squash to Pancakes


Pumpkin and butternut squash are delightfully sweet, so when they are added to a pancake mix, they usually go over big with even picky eaters. Call them “special” pancakes to avoid the tussle.

  1. Make a Cauliflower Soup with Cheese


Cauliflower looks just like potato when it has been blended and added to a soup. Cheddar cheese will make your picky eaters “ooh” and “ahh” over this over. Call it baked potato soup or cheese soup if your kids won’t try it because of the cauliflower.

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