5 Changes Parents Make After the First Born

9 weeks, 2.5cm and hopefully a girl!


The first child: Baby is sniffle free thanks to your protection from every weather extremity.
The rest: The older siblings are germ infested, this baby has a runny nose from birth. Bu the older kids are proficient with the snot sucker so they do it and seem to enjoy it, leaving you kid free for 3-2-1 over!

The first child:You had big hopes that your breasts would rebound post nursing.
The rest: All hope is lost. But you still hope for pelvic realignment.

The first child: You responded to night time crying, scared to death it’s choking or other worst case scenario.
The rest: You rush to stop the crying so that the others won’t wake up, preventing another worst case scenario but with an alternate motive.

The first child: The baby got a complete wardrobe change with the tiniest drop of spit up.
The rest: Wipe slobber and spit up off with the clothes you are wearing or any nearby child.

The first child: Any baby proofing done was to protect the baby.
The rest: You try to protect your house so when they leave for college it won’t have to be torn down.

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