4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Kids’ Summer Vacation


The days of summer vacation live in most of our memories as some of the best days of our lives. Family picnics, vacations to exotic locations, the beginnings of lifelong friendships, and many other amazing times are what summers are made of. Kids need your help to shape those moments that will become their favorite childhood memories, though.

  1. Find the “Sweet Spot” for Scheduling Activities

Too few plans and kids are bound to harangue you with a persistent cry of “I’m booored,” too many and they won’t have enough time to unwind and relax. It’s a difficult balance to find, but the “sweet spot” for summer activities does exist, and will help to ensure that your child has the best summer possible.

  1. Set Aside Time Every Day to Have Fun with the Kids

Whether you color a picture with your child, catch lightening bugs, go for a swim, or just sit and chat for a while, make sure to set aside a little time every day to catch up with your little ones. Don’t stress or focus on creating the perfect activity, just relate, relax, and enjoy their company in whatever you chose to do.

  1. Limit Technology Use and Read Together

Kids can easily sit in front of a screen and while away the hours of summer vacation, but it is not good for them. Limit screen time and encourage (but don’t force) reading. Create a quiet spot for yourself to read and invite kids to join you for some quiet reading time during the hot points of the day or at night when winding down.

  1. Collect Photos and Create an Album at the End of the Summer

Don’t go crazy and miss out on moments in order to get pictures, but snap a few quick pics whenever you go to a new place or see the kids having fun at home. At the end of the summer, print them out and make a cute photo album to forever remind them of the good times they had during summer 2015. They will be sure to cherish it for years to come.

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