4 Good Reasons NOT to Share Your Pick of Baby Names

As soon as you announce your pregnancy, it is unavoidable that your friends and family will start to barrage you with friendly advice. They will also likely ask you tons of questions about everything surrounding your pregnancy and the eventual little bundle of joy. While talking about the happy day that your little comes into the world, you may be tempted to share your ideas for baby names. The following are a few reasons why you should NOT do that.

EVERYONE Will Have an Opinion About It

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Even if you have definitively decided upon a name, if said name hasn’t actually been printed on the birth certificate yet, everyone will take their cue to share their opinion on the name you have chosen. A good many of these opinions are likely to be very negative. As you listen to your friends and family sharing their stories of all the people that they disliked that went by the name that you had chosen for your baby, you will likely wish you simply hadn’t shared.

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