3 Ways “Healthy Eating” is Different Now than It Was for Kids a Generation Ago

Crafting healthy meals for your family can be confusing. There is a constant stream of nutritional advice that can seem like it is ever changing. The reasons for this are that the scientific community is continuously making new discoveries and that the food we eat has changed and is still changing. The following are a few ways that “healthy eating” is totally different now than it was when you were a kid, as well as some reasons why the script has flipped.

  1. Meats Are Considered Unhealthier Fare


Back in the day, a huge side of meat was a part of every balanced meal. Now, we are cautioned against eating too much meat or feeding our kids too much meat. The reason behind this switch is that animals are farmed differently now than even a generation ago. Factory farming practices put chemicals and hormones into meats that can have adverse effects on health if consumed in excess quantities.

  1. Fat Is Our Friend Now

baby and avocado

Once upon a time, low-fat foods were considered to be the epitome of healthy eating. Unfortunately, this thought turned out to be wrong. Low fat foods were often higher in carbohydrates, which led to dangerous spikes in blood sugar. To top it off, many fats were found to be helpful to both health and weight loss, so the low fat fad was robbing us of needed fats.

  1. It Isn’t All About the Calories


Calories were considered the enemy as little as a decade ago, with some reports going so far as to say that it didn’t really matter where calories came from as long as output was greater than intake. This resulted in complex calorie-counting crazes that were not as helpful as expected. Newer reports emphasize what has always been the case – that eating healthy, whole foods and not overindulging is much more important than restricting calories.

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