3 Things You Need to Hear If You’re a New Mom

New mothers hear copious amounts of advice every day, but seldom hear the things that they actually need to hear. Many people are quick to judge or tell moms how to do the job, but rarely have anything reassuring to say. New moms are tired, anxious that they are doing something wrong, and overwhelmed with 1000 new things to do every day. Here are a few things new moms need to hear, instead of the same old tired advice:

  1. It Gets Easier Than It Is Right Now


Life can seem incredibly overwhelming, so “it gets easier” can seem like a light at the end of the tunnel. The kids will not always need to be constantly tended to, will not always throw temper tantrums because they got the green pop instead of the red one, will not always argue about wearing hoes to the store. Breathe, it will get easier one day.

  1. It’s Really Okay If You DON’T Enjoy Every Moment


“Enjoy every moment” is passed out like t-shirts like a concert, but it is simply not possible. Sometimes you won’t enjoy the moment when you are cleaning up bodily fluids from the seat of the car or watching the food you just spent an hour cooking get the nastiest of looks. It’s okay to not enjoy these moments, just enjoy the good moments and be okay with hating the bad ones.

  1. We’re All Just Winging It


When you’re a new mom, you can feel like you’re doing it all wrong. The truth of the matter, though, is that there is no right way and no manual. All parents are just doing the best they can and winging it when situations come up that they had not anticipated. If you care enough to wonder if you’re doing it wrong, you are probably doing alright.

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