3 Things We Should Teach Kids About Playing with Others

Social interaction is perhaps one of the hardest and most important lessons that children will learn during the course of growing up. How we relate to others dictates the paths that our lives take, so it is critical that children learn social skills quickly and figure out the ins and outs of playing with their peers. While we as parents have no choice but to be innocent bystanders to most of this process, there are a few things that we can and should teach our children about playing with others.

Always Be Honest


Honesty is best taught by example and discipline. If your child hears you “fibbing”or telling “white lies” it becomes very confusing when you always demand honesty from them. The best approach is to always be honest yourself and to make it easy for them to tell the truth. If they are honest about a mistake that they made and you respond by yelling and punishing them, they will learn that it is easier for them to lie. Instead of yelling, tell them that you appreciate their honesty, and perhaps lessen the consequences because they told the truth.

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