3 Reasons Why Bashing Common Core Isn’t Helping

The Common Core math standards have attracted a lot of criticism since their introduction into U.S. schools a few years back. The goal of implementing the standards was – and still is – to get kids to think of problems creatively and solve in different ways, rather than relying on rote memorizations and solving things in the same way. Many parents absolutely hate common core and have taken to the internet and stormed into classrooms to bash the system. The following are a few reasons that bashing the system is NOT helping.

It Doesn’t Help Children Learn


Bashing common core and saying how “stupid” or “nonsensical” it is does not get children anywhere with understanding the system. At the end of the day, your child will still have to learn the new system, so raging against the machine is just that. Not all parents that take the time to learn the system will love it, but they will be better equipped to help their children with it.

It Teaches Kids That Criticizing Things You don’t Understand is Okay


Most parents’ outrage stems from the fact that they do not understand how to help their children with even the simplest math problems using the new system. When parents fly into a rage and criticize the system because they don’t understand it, it teaches kids that it is okay to become angry and judgmental of the way something is done when you don’t understand it. Keeping a cool head and explaining that changes happen and we need to roll with those changes may be a better lesson.

Common Core Isn’t Going Anywhere

common core

Another reason that bashing common core is unhelpful is that it is not going anywhere. The standards have braved the tempest of parents; outrage for a few years without budging. Since the standards are here to stay, it is best to just hunker down with an information packet about common core and figure out what it is all about.

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