3 Easy, Fancy Pancake Recipes That Can Help Make Breakfast Your Kids’ Favorite Meal

Every parent knows the struggle of trying to get your child to eat breakfast. Cries of “I’m not hungry” when the meal is served can lead to angry outbursts and starved pleading, sometimes within an hour of the proposed meal. Instead of fighting about breakfast, entice your kids with a meal they can’t refuse. These awesome pancake recipes will quickly make breakfast their favorite meal of the day.

Strawberry Pancakes with Sprinkles


Strawberry pancakes are a simple variation on regular old pancakes. After mixing the batter and getting the griddle hot, just pour the batter on like you normally would and wait for it to cook on one side. When the pancakes are just about ready to flip, add some sliced strawberries in. Flip the pancakes and let the strawberries get sealed inside as the batter cooks on the second side. After the pancakes are cooked through, add whipped cream and sprinkles over the top, along with some more fresh strawberries.

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