3 Beach-Friendly Healthy Foods to Help Your Kids Fight the After-Beach Blahs

Going to the beach can be an amazing experience for the whole family. Running on the beach, swimming, and playing games are healthy and bonding activities. Unfortunately, there comes a time in every beach trip where the tummies start to grumble. Going for fried foods at beachside stands or defaulting to a bag of potato chips are options that are often chosen that tend to lead to the after-beach blahs. The grease and lack of nutrients just doesn’t fuel the body properly. Try the following for a better trip – and a better day afterwards.

Watermelon Slices

watermelon at beach

Watermelon slices are a perfect beach snack. The sweet treats are very hydrating and the natural sugars provide a flood of energy. Watermelon is extremely refreshing when it is eaten right out of the cooler. Watermelon also contributes antioxidants, iron, zinc, and lycopene. Watermelon can help reduce inflammation, which may be beneficial in combating sunburn from the inside out.

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