Child Education


Visualizing the New Math

Helping our kids with their homework is a routine part of being a parent and … [Read More...]

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Study Astronomy Together This Summer

We all want to find ways to keep our kids’ minds sharp over the summer so they … [Read More...]


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Disciplining Older Kids by Revoking Privileges

Parents are always looking for  ways to discipline their children that are fair … [Read More...]

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Teach Your Kids Some Basic Wilderness Skills

If you and your family love to go camping or hiking then you may be fortunate … [Read More...]

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Deciding on a Curfew for Your Child

If your children are old enough to be given a curfew then like so many parents … [Read More...]

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Practice Sun Safety This Summer

We all know that fresh air, exercise and playing in the abundant sunshine of … [Read More...]


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Summer Colds Leading to Bronchitis

There has been a rather nasty summer cold making its rounds this year and both … [Read More...]

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What Exactly Is Swimmer’s Itch?

When you were little you may have had one of those “worry wart” mothers who … [Read More...]

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Catching a Heart Defect Before It’s a Problem

When you think of people who are risk to have heart problems, kids are usually … [Read More...]

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Looking for Reasons for Delayed Walking

There are so many important milestones in your baby’s first couple years of … [Read More...]


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About Your Midpregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are a very common procedure these days and most women will have at least one of these tests during her pregnancy. While an ultrasound used to be considered a much more specialized way to do an exam to search from potential problems, as the test became more commonplace it’s now used as one of […]

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Skin Changes During Pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through a seemingly endless list of changes during pregnancy, and not all of them occur inside your body. Sure, your bump will grow and will become the largest (no pun intended) external sign of your pregnancy, but your skin also may experience a lot of changes for which you need to […]

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Common Cravings

For many women one of their favorite things about being pregnant is that it gives them a chance to loosen up the reins on their diet a bit and indulge in some comfort foods. On the flip side of that, one of the most annoying things about pregnancy for many women is the fact that […]

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Discovering that you’re pregnant is usually one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but if you’re finding out you’re pregnant for the first time it also comes along with a million questions and a whole lot of nervousness due to the experience being so new and different. Women who start to feel […]

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Preparing Your Child to Become a Big Sibling

Having a baby obviously marks a huge change in a couple’s lives, but having subsequent babies means huge changes for the entire family. Baby number two means splitting your attention among more than one child and one person who is bound to realize that very quickly is child number one. Among the other challenges in […]